Can I Soundproofing With Blankets

Can I Soundproofing With Blankets

During these times people find themselves working form home. And a major problem that comes up, at least for me it was. The sounds of the noisy neighbors, or your kids playing in the next room. All of these distractions can make it very difficult to think.

Soundproofing can become an expensive task. So, when it comes to finding cheap alternatives for expensive soundproofing, we’re all over it. There are many different soundproofing material out on the market today. Like, foam panel, curtains, blankets, and many others. So, this got me to thinking; can I use material around the house as alternatives? If you’ve wondered this too, then set back and read this article. I’ll give you my honest opinion.

Today I want to talk about soundproofing with blankets. We all have them, old blankets no one uses anymore. If you search online for soundproofing blankets you’d find that the prices range anywhere from $10 to well pass $250. You might even find some higher than that. So, can you use our old blankets instead?


How is sound reduced

The idea that some material reduces sound is one that will be debated forever. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be diminished. Sound is a form of energy it travels in waves, and it passes through material, until it the wave is almost gone. It never really dies, but it gets smaller and smaller until it can’t be noticed anymore.

Can I Soundproof a Room With Blankets

So, the concept of using multiple layers of blankets to soundproof a room is plausible. What is the best type of blanket to use. Whin thinking of the types of blankets most people have around their homes, we think about; Comforters / Duvets, Cotton, Quilts, And any other thick material like bath towels. But will these work?

I created a list of 5 soundproofing materials, that can easily be replaced with blankets.

  1. Soundproof Curtains
  2. Soundproof Blankets
  3. Acoustic Panels
  4. Soundproof carpet underlay
  5. Door Covers

Soundproof Curtains

How to soundproof a window with a blanket.


  1. Take multiple layers of a blanket
  2. fold them over at the top leaving enough room to slide a curtain rod in
  3. You can sew the rod, of stable
  4. Now hang the as you would a regular curtain


Soundproof curtains can cost hundreds of dollars, but if you have spare blankets that cost can be completely slashed to free.

Soundproof Blankets

Now there are blankets on the market that are made especially for soundproofing. If you want to checkout price of a soundproof blanket on Amazon

Acoustic Panels

You can make your own Acoustic panels. all you need is wood, and scraps of blankets, or old bath towels. You can also use a painting canvas. If you choose to make your own frame. Then follow these steps:

  1. Get four base boards, of any type of square wood, that are evenly sized.
  2. Cut the ends at 45 degree angle. This is in order to create a perfect 90 degree connection.
  3.  Now take the blanket and tightly fold the ends around the frame using a staple gun to secure the blanket.

Once you finish you can hang it on the wall as you would a picture. This will cause less sound to bounce around the room, which is great if you work form home.

Soundproof carpet underlay

What is soundproof carpet underlay? There are different types of carpet underlays, there is foam, rubber, and many others. But thinking to the article the same concept can be applied to blankets, a thick layer of blankets placed under you carpet will reduce the noise in the room. It will also reduce the noise from the rooms below.

Door Covers

Covering your doors will allow less sound seep into your home. Cracks, and spaces in the door is one of the most obvious reasons your door isn’t soundproofed. This can be fixed, by installing a solid core door, but they are expensive. You can buy weather stripping and fill the spaces between the door and the frame. There are also covering that you can buy to place over the door. But way not just place a layer of you blankets over the door. It’ll save your money, and keep unwanted sound out.

So, can you use blankets to soundproof? My opinion is yes, it properly won’t be as effective as just buying some soundproof blankets, but it will get the job done.