Can I use Styrofoam for Soundproofing

Can I use Styrofoam for Soundproofing

Styrofoam for Soundproofing

The world we live in is noisy. Humans are exposed to all kinds of noise ranging from low, medium, and high-frequency noise. There are no benefits you derive from the high noise level. These noises come different sources and it appears that the worst form of noise is those emanating from the outdoors. These include noise from neighbors, barking doors, traffic as well as human voices. The effects are not good for human existence because they affect a peaceful and quiet environment.

Apart from noise emanating from the outdoors, the worst form of noise is those from telephones, machinery, equipment as well as unwanted conversation and ventilating system and so on. These noises are counterproductive. Apart from negatively affecting your health, it takes your concentration away and can make you confused. Most importantly, it makes you less productive. It makes you fatigue and can stress your life.

This is not supposed to be so. You do not need to suffer from these distracting noises since there are different ways of remedying the situation. The only way out of the problem is to use soundproofing equipment or kits.

Soundproofing Tools

Soundproofing tools are the best way out of the problem. There are different kinds of soundproofing products in the market and these are designed to act as the best noise reduction devices. These devices can absorb, block, isolate noises as well as dampening the noise.

There are different kinds of soundproofing equipment which you can use to control the disturbing noise around your home. The best amongst them can be found in various Styrofoam and acoustic foam products. These are highly innovative and great noise canceling and reduction devices.

The solution is there for you and it is a question of making a choice and choose the best soundproofing products. If you do you can live a less stressful life and enjoy all your home activities without being disturbed by noises from your neighbors.

If you are finding the noise level in your home unbearable, you are going to find out ways of preventing it. The cheapest way of doing has to be effective and it should not take time to install. Finding the cheapest way of doing that is going to save you plenty of money at the end of the day. There are some easy, cheap, and proven ways of doing that. The common and the most effective ways include the use of Styrofoam and using acoustic foam.

If you want to do soundproofing on a budget, you can consider using Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a good alternative because it is affordable compared to other types out there. They are very quick and easy to install and the implication is that you can achieve a quieter environment. If you are the type that like working from home, it is going to be useful since it reduces unwanted noises and makes the home more conducive and friendly to use. You are going to achieve a peaceful and quieter life when you use this tool to control the noise level in your home. Most importantly, since no noise or less noise is emanating from your home, you are going to be very happy with your neighbors and they are going to like for that as well.

About Styrofoam

This is a product of polystyrene foam materials. It is one of the best alternatives for soundproofing. The greatest benefits include its use for soundproofing. This noise reduction has the capacity to reduce or muffle the noise level outside the environment or within the room. It ensures that noise inside the room does not leak out. This keeps interior noise within the inside. While it might not be one hundred percent soundproof material, it can prove to be sound resistant.

Styrofoam insulation is the best when it comes to the reduction of noise in an environment. It can offer what is considered premium protection.

The foam component proves to be more effective in noise reduction because it can fill a gap where that exists. It can also cover frames and doorjambs from where noise can escape inside or outside the room or the environment. This is a great tool when it comes to sound muffling and reduction. Another great thing about it is that it is affordable.

Benefits of Styrofoam

Styrofoam is one of the best alternatives for noise reduction especially for those on a budget. The cost is affordable when compared to the other methods out there. Soundproofing is generally expensive, and if you are looking for an affordable means of doing that then you can always consider using Styrofoam.

To reduce noise, you can use the foam as well as the noise reduction panel.

The panels which consist of foam can be fixed in the wall, ceiling, and any other part of the home you want to prevent noise from escaping and penetrating from. The cost varies and it depends on the quantity of foam panel you want to buy as well as the size of the wall you want to fix it. If there are places which the noise could escape from, then you can use the foam to pad it.

Whenever one discusses the cost of installation of any soundproofing tools then the cost of materials should be included as well. The cost of materials apart, one has to consider the cost of labor. If you put all the related costs together, you discover that the cost of installing Styrofoam is cheaper.

Acoustic foam

Furthermore, Styrofoam is lightweight, this is one of the major benefits because it does not pose a burden to the wall or the ceiling where it would be installing. Furthermore, this is going to be very effective in combating noise. It is an excellent shock absorber. The foam is in the form of plastic and it is one of the most widely used in the industry.

Another great attribute of this foam is thermoplastic nature. This molding is great and that is why it can be used for different purposes including soundproofing purpose

Soundproofing intends to reduce the level of sound that emanates from the home as well as those that come inside the room. You can do by blocking the place using dense buildings and heavy material. Furthermore, any gaps in the door, windows, and walls can be filled using the best acoustic foam.

There are lots of benefits you derive here. The acoustic foam makes it easy to block anywhere sounds leaks to the home and if you are involved in the recording you can do that without fear of noise or external sound interference. Furthermore, you can stay peacefully in your home, because the issue of neighbor disturbing you or you disturbing your neighbor by making noise is reduced.

Acoustic Treatment

construction worker during the Styrofoam house external wall insulation. Contractor with level checking the work in progress level of the boards

Acoustic treatment is the ultimate option because of the comprehensive way such treatments are carried out. It makes use of Bass traps and this makes it absorb low frequencies. Furthermore, it makes use of acoustic panels and this absorbs mid to high frequencies while diffusers scatter the remnants of frequencies.

Both acoustic and Styrofoam are great alternatives when it comes to soundproofing. Both are effective. The acoustic system seems to be more effective than Styrofoam. It can absorb noise better. Some people can still choose Styrofoam because of the lightweight nature which makes it more portable. If it is used alone for soundproofing, it cannot compare with acoustic foam. It cannot do much if it is used alone as a sound insulator, but it can achieve a lot when it is combined and molded into a quadratic diffuser and when it is laminated into something denser. Because of that, it can boast of more mass. This is also making it absorb noise more efficiently because its soundproofing feature will decouple.

Styrofoam is one form of polystyrene insulation methods. This is a great foam and it makes for perfect thermal insulation in many applications such as roofing and building walls. It is certain that it can be very effective as it is often used in the refrigerators and freezers where it makes it impossible for air to escape from the side and makes it difficult for air to penetrate the system. The other good attribute of this kind of soundproofing material is that it is inert and that it is durable. Furthermore, it can resist water damage.

This foam material is regarded as expanded polystyrene EPS as well as extruded polystyrene or XPS. This makes the foam a great insulator. Most importantly, it makes it more cushioning and you are going to free from unwarranted noise from the neighborhood. Moreover, it is protective and it does not damage easily.

What is acoustic foam

This is the type of noise reduction or soundproofing device popular used across recording studios. It can serve different purposes. The first is that it can prevent sound from interfering and it can improve on sound quality.

It is produced from different kinds of materials which include melamine foam and polyurethane foam. The foam is wonderful as it is simple and very easy to use. Just like the Styrofoam counterpart, this model is also lightweight. You can differentiate from it is an open cellular structure.

Acoustic foam is designed with one purpose in mind and that is to deal with room acoustics. Because of the efficiency, it is sometimes called soundproof foam. It is recommended because of the great features. There are lots of benefits one can derive from using this kind of foam and the most important amongst them are as follows:

It is very effective because it can reduce noise reverberation. This also can reduce reflections and flutter noise echoes. Because of that, if it is installed, noise interference would be minimized. It works by absorbs all the energy available in sound waves. When it does that, it becomes extremely difficult for the sound to bounce around the room and will not cause any disturbance.

They are available in different varieties such as bass traps and acoustic ties. Since they are available in different colors, you can easily make a choice. Besides, they are available in different sizes and the prices vary as well. You can make a choice based on your need and your budget.

Acoustic foam is the best in different noise-reducing scenarios. You can use it in various kinds of applications such as recording studios, music rooms, rehearsal rooms as well as concert halls, and cinemas. It is also used in worship places and so on. This device has become very popular because of the wider applications. It can be very useful if you are recording and you want to improve on the sound quality, you can consider acoustic foam.

Acoustic sound differs

This is better and more effective than the Styrofoam counterpart. It is be molded to different shapes. Because of that, you can use it in different parts of the home such as the ceiling where you can use it as ceiling tile. Furthermore, you can use it as a wall panel where it can diffuse sounds of varying frequencies. It can be effective in dispersing as well as breaking sound waves. when it comes to contact with the sound wave, it will break and convert it into heat. When it has converted the sound wave into heat it will finally absorb it. There is no doubt that this is the best alternative to Styrofoam, as it can provide better sound insulation.

Styrofoam vs acoustic foam which is better

Styrofoam especially the EPS component of it is not the best when it comes to sound absorption. Because of the lightweight, you can simply hang it on the wall where you can remove it when you want. It is easier to use.

When compared to the acoustic foam component you can compare them using the four key elements of soundproofing. They include absorbing, decoupling, adding mass, and damping sound. It does not have the mass which is required to absorb as many sounds as possible.

If you hang it on the wall, it cannot absorb noise however, it can be very effective when it comes to obstructing noise transfer.

It is a very good idea to use Styrofoam for soundproofing. However, you should know the limitation. If you used the expanded form of it, you can achieve a better result. It can help in noise reduction especially the background, exterior as well as echoing noises. This can improve the room acoustic. If you think that sound can bounce back easily then you can always use it in the room.

These foams are very effective because they absorb all the noise coming irrespective of the direction. Even if it is reverberating, it can eliminate it. These foams can absorb sound thereby making it impossible to deflect off the surfaces. The room is going to be more conducive to stay.


Using Styrofoam is an effective way of soundproofing your room. It can work if you use the expanded form of it. This is a great thermal insulator. The foam is lightweight and it is durable. You can hang it on the wall or the roof surface.