Functional and Affordable Ways to Soundproof Dorm Rooms

Functional and Affordable Ways to Soundproof Dorm Rooms

Life in our dorm room is part of almost every student on his/her way to a specific degree. Meaning it should be quiet and peaceful. Unfortunately, we all know that dorms can get louder. All the walking and chatter around outside, neighbors, all the groans and creaks sometimes get overwhelming when someone is trying to sleep or study. Life in our dorm room is apart of college. Continue reading to see how to Soundproof a Dorm Room.

Soundproofing a Dorm Cheap?

To avoid such situations, cheap soundproofing your dorm room will be the perfect and helpful solution for us. However, without a supportive guide, someone might pick ineffective ways since there are many different ways for soundproofing dorm rooms. Checkout this article on QUIET CASTLE, Here you can find a list estimated prices for soundproofing a dorm.

Remember you don’t need to choose expensive and permanent ways since you are there for only a short period of time. Thus, ensure you are not going against your dorm rules. Fortunately, I have deep-researched the dependable, reliable, and helpful ways tested and approved to meet your needs and expectations in the dorm.

Affordable Ways for Soundproofing a Dorm Rooms

Cover the floors

One of the most prominent sound conductors in our dorm rooms is the floor. Besides, most dorms are bare floors or preferably with fragile carpet, which cannot absorb a lot of noise. In this case, someone can reduce extra sound by adding carpeting on the dorm floor, which adds some eye-catching style.

Consider adding thicker and warmth rugs since they are approved to add more mass right on the floor. You can choose the shag rags; they absorb sound perfectly and add warmth to the room. Additionally, you can place some soundproof pads below the rug for more excellent results, which increases more mass, which is the primary key in extra soundproofing noise.

Cover the windows

Soundproof curtians

Most dorm rooms have windows which are still significant places of letting noise in. In this case, you can choose the soundproof curtains, which will keep extra noise out, also help to absorb any sound coming in the room. Weathering strips are a great non invasive way to reduce noise.

You can also cover your windows using thick cloth, or blankets check out this article Can I Soundproofing With Blankets to see how to use blankets to soundproof without hurting the windows or walls to soundproof your dorm room. Additionally, you can also use the packing foam sheets and insulate your window. If your window got some vast spaces, cover them with draperies or a heavy blanket. The density of quality soundproofing curtains traps the sound and air passing through them.


Cover the ceiling

Secure the acoustic foam tiles right to the ceiling, utilizing attractive and different colors to create a stylish pattern. Further, you can alternatively hang some soundproofing blankets or thick tapestries from the top. If the individuals upstairs are noisy, you can opt to install sound blocking mass loaded with vinyl on the ceiling.

This is a thick, flexible and inexpensive vinyl fabric that is often used in soundproofing different applications. Utilize some staples or tacks to secure your soundproof options in place significantly, so you will easily pull them down when approaching the end of your school year.

Decorate walls

Walls are among the places that make noise in your dorm room. Thus, consider putting some decorations and pictures on your walls. Besides, use things like OCM, there are affordable and with interesting shapes. Plus, it can be better if you design them using the theme for your dorm room.

Pictures, posters, flames, or any other related thick pieces will hugely help block a lot of noise in your dorm room. Additionally, placing acoustic foam tiles on your walls is a powerful and compelling sound deadening element. These tiles are accessible in different colors; thus, select a minimum of three or two colors, add them in a stylish pattern and soundproofing small rooms.

Virtually, the green glue can also help; they are designed explicitly for soundproofing any solid structure. Purchase it from Amazon; it does not cost, apply it on any separate flat surfaces; screw the surface over your dorm wall. This will perfectly absorb all extra noise passing through the wall and transform them to heat energy.

Rearrange the furniture

Proper furniture placement is also an effective form of affordable dorm soundproofing. The bookshelves up over walls will eventually mute sound; dressers and couches can help too. Thus, if you have furniture up over the walls, consider repositioning them and ensure most of them are places where the sound comes through. Furniture is approved to act as a bumper for sound waves. In this case, you can consider furniture like a bedside table, desk, and other related items you can typically use in the dorm room.

Use cork board

The corkboard is a very effective insulator. It will eventually block all extra sound as it an ideal thermal insulator too. It is known as white noise, the best soundproofing, which lets someone eliminate all the outside noise via playing noise. In this case, you pick from different noise colors, which are not harmful noises, since they typically make the user productive while eliminating the outside noise.

I can recommend using the brown noise; it is efficient and valuable sounds similar to waves and ocean or preferably like a waterfall. All –around, a beneficial noise in your dorm room will eventually mask other related sounds and completely distract user’s concentration from hearing them.

Soundproof the door

Doors are one of the areas which would let a lot of noise insides the dorms. Thus, inspect your door entirely for any space. Seal all the air cracks if there any using weathering-strips. The efficient and affordable way of soundproofing a door is getting the thick, high-quality soundproof door. You would first try to position some furniture in the anterior of door edges tactically.

Secondly, remember that your door bottom also contributes to transmitting excessive noise, so prevent this by placing a thick think fabric right on the floor next to your door. This will ensure you are tightly shut so no sound can pass through them. Additionally, you also install draft or sweeps stoppers to close extra small gaps. They will eventually block and prevent noise from passing through them.


Dorms are generally noisy spaces but don’t allow this to drive you crazy or take away your college experience. There are some of the dependable and excellent ways to soundproof your dorm room successfully. Try the above combination of strategies and get the independence and fun of studying and living in a dorm, as well as much-needed quiet. I have selected tested and approved ways above for you. And if you want more effective material to soundproof a room with check out my article Top 10 Most Effective Soundproofing Materials. Good Luck