How to Quiet A Loud PS4

How to Quiet A Loud PS4

A noisy PS4 is very distracting, annoying and can also be a sign a deeper issue with the user’s console. Since the PS4 is among the most used gaming console, you cannot imagine operating with something that makes a lot of noise, to an extent even you cannot concrete or preferably losing it.

The noise is unbearable, specifically during the night. Therefore, once your PS4 begins sounding like any plane preparing to take off, consider working on the issue immediately. Depending on the actual cause of the noise, many ways can make your PS4 silent.

As a result, you need some effective and functional ways to successfully soundproof your device on budget, giving you peace of mind when gaming. I have deep-researched the top-rated, dependable, and easy ways to soundproof your ps4 quieter, tested, and approved to meet your needs and expectations.

Techniques to Quiet A Loud PS4

Allow your PS4 to breathe.

Sometimes, the loud console is no big deal but the fluke, which often occurs after playing for an extended time, without any break. Regardless of ps4 being a heavy-duty machine, it can also overheat, getting noisy as a return. And this might be caused by consistent hours of gaming, specifically if you mostly play the superior –graphics game.

Thus, consider placing your device in a well-ventilated place where there a better airflow; avoid locking it in a cabinet as many do. Further, avoid blocking the sides or the back of your gaming console; it should not get covered if there are any staff-like bags; the book moves them to another specific place.

Dust Regularly

Many of us fail to dust our PlayStation often, which can be the main problem for producing a lot of noise from it. The recent report proved that dust generates noise which tends to accumulate right on the console causing your device’s cooling fan to operate twice as hard.

If you feel bored with always cleaning and blowing, consider tapping it off using a dust cover. This will prevent a lot of dust particles from accumulating hugely. Remember, do this anytime you are using this device, and you will notice a lot of change. For damage-free and safe cleaning, consider following the below steps:

(a) Unplug your device, place it on any flat surface. Hold the AC-specific power cord via plug and mildly pull right out of the power source. Avoid pulling at a lengthy angle, or preferably hold this cord when it unplugged.

(b) Remove the side cover.

(c) Utilize one of the hoover extensions, clean all dust on the metal casing ( don’t use a brush)

(d) Utilize portable handheld vacuum or any can of compressed air to clean all the openings while navigating via the cooling fan

(e) Clean the device’s USB ports

(f) Turn your ps4 around and mildly vacuum/blow dust out from the other plug ports.

(g) Once you have done it, consider wiping down the device’s exterior utilizing the microfiber cloth. Ensure you pay close attention right to crevices since they tend to hold some dust

(h) Plug the ps4 back, boot it and see if the loud noise has lessened.

Use some anti-vibration pads to absorb noise effectively

Some experts have invented some substitutes for pads like lego bricks, bottle caps, etc. These solutions are working magic and are so creative. You will fix these pads following the manual guidelines delivered with them. And also they quite cheap not to break your bank account.

Replace the fan

Replacing the ps4 fan can be an effective solution to a noisy console, especially if the issue is related to a malfunctioning cooling fan. Though, someone should remember that you should do this with some instructions. Otherwise, you may end up causing more severe problems; consider the below steps to replace the ps4 fan successfully:

(a) Flip your ps4 upside down, remove the stickers right on rear vents

(b) Unscrew the nine mm security Torx screws located on the rear end

(c) With your device still upside down, lift on its rear side and take off its bottom cover

(d) Right on its power supply, you will notice three 9mm security Torx screws. Consider removing them, two 4mm Philips and one screw right on corners

(e) Detach the specific power supply connector, lift the supply unit right from the case

(f) Next, detach a ribbon wire from the device’s optical drive. Press the metal release tab, hold it down as you mildly pull out that ribbon wire

(g) You will notice the three wires plug licked to the motherboard, colored brown, white and black. Disconnect the plug right from the motherboard

(h) With a free motherboard, remove it from the whole system, and at this specific place, your device’s fan will get exposed, though covered by the metal plate held in place via three 5 mm screws. To eradicate them, lift the metal plate the expose the fan.

(i) Having wholly exposed this fan, you now need to free it from internal components to eradicate some screws, 9mm Philips.

(j) Remove your device’s cooling fan and carefully replace it.

Place the ps4 vertically.

Placing your device vertically can be very creative and also help in lowering the unwanted noise. Regardless that it is commended to place ps4 horizontally, when it is too noisy, placing it vertically will eventually eliminate both noise and heat hence making it silent.

Get a longer HDMI cable.

Utilizing ps4 does not require getting positioned right adjacent to your television. Thus, you can utilize an extended HDMI cable to connect it right on your TV. This allows someone to place it in the guest room or closet. Just ensure to tape it over baseboards If possible eventually. In this case, you invest in a 50 foot HDMI hawser, which will only cost 25 dollars.


Reducing the noise from your ps4 is not challenging, provided you are using effective and dependable methods. In most cases, the major problem with noisy ps4 tends to be dust or, preferably, the fan getting too hot.

However, I have reviewed all the ways you can soundproof a noisy ps4 in any possible causes. Consider our above comprehensive guide to successfully get your back your peace of mind, play your game quietly using quit ps4 unit. Good Luck