Quick Tips to Soundproof a Nursery on a Budget

Quick Tips to Soundproof a Nursery on a Budget

Soundproofing a Nursery on a Budget is something all parents need to do. As all parents know we all need peace and quiet. But so, do our babies. A baby needs a lot of sleep more than we do. And the day-to-day noise that our homes put out is detrimental to the health and growth of our babies. So, in this article, we’ll talk about soundproofing the nursery.

When we are soundproofing a room, our main objective is to reduce the amount of sound that interferes with our daily lives. Whatever it may be, a loud street, electronic devices, music, or anything that we may find irritating. Now if this bothers us think about how a baby feels. There are many things that will help your child get plenty of sleep.

Soundproofing a Nursery on a Budget

Now a question people ask is, Is it safe to soundproof a baby’s room? Will I hear my baby cry? Well, this is why they made baby monitors. Just remember to keep fresh batteries on hand at all times.

Now that we have established why we may want to soundproof a baby’s room, here’s where you should start. First, find the place where most of the noise comes from. In most homes, it is the door or the windows. If you have a multilevel home, it could be the floor.

Now we’ll move to how to do it. Now the doorway is where a lot of sound seeps through. Especially if the doors have a lot of cracks. My first recommendation would be to completely remove the door and replace it with a solid core door. Now that is expensive, and if the budget you want some budget-friendly options to check out our article: Soundproofing a shed – The Cheap Way. Even though this article is talking about a shed, you can apply the same ideas to a nursery.

The next step is to fill the cracks. Sound and seep through the smallest crack, you easily fix this by using weather stripping around the door, and you can also use some soundproofing caulking material. The best I’ve found is Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant. Once sealed you will notice an immediate improvement. If you choose to keep the door that you have, after sealing the cracks you can add an acoustic door panel to the door. These panels can be created to fit the size of the door.

Dealing with the windows can be tricky, and expensive, especially if you’re thinking about getting soundproof windows. You could replace all the windows that have single panes with a window with a double-sided window pane.

But If you’re not looking to break the bank, I have some cheaper alternatives to help you Soundproof your nursery on a budget. Using items like soundproof curtains, Acoustic soundproof Blankets over the windows, the green glue noise proofing sealant to seal the cracks. Some of these may Limit the natural light, but your baby will sleep peacefully.

If you have a multilevel home the floors could be a huge problem, especially if the nursery is over any other rooms with loud appliances, like the kitchen, a utility room, etc. Placing carpet on the floor can reduce the amount of noise inside the room like footsteps. But it might slightly reduce the amount of noise coming below, like music, talking, and etc. You should think about investing in carpet underlay. Preferably rubber or foam acoustic tiles. They can easily be installed of the floor and a thick carpet placed on top.

After all, is done and completed, the nursery will be a quiet place for the baby. Now you can get a white noise machine. The nuisance sounds for outside will be a thing of the past.

Now tell us, have you soundproofed a nursery? What was the hardest part?

Thank you for reading.