Soundproofing a Dog Crate: Is It Safe

Soundproofing a Dog Crate: Is It Safe

Dogs make the best pet to keep at home. However, living with dogs that constantly bark can be very annoying. If you’re a lover of dogs, then you definitely can’t do without them. Soundproofing a dog crate could be the best remedy, but is it safe? Keep reading to find out.

Soundproofing your dog crates could cost you a few bucks but it’s certainly worth it. The soundproofing materials will help to absorb the sound and therefore reducing the intensity that is propagated to the surrounding. Also, absorption materials help to reduce the echo of the sound produced inside the crate, making the crate more habitable for your dog.

Is it safe to soundproof a dog crate?

Soundproofing a dog crate is safe for your dog only if he or she is able to breathe. So, both you and your dog will definitely benefit from the use of soundproofing materials.

If you have very skittish dog created a safe quiet place will help him greatly. The intensity of noise that is emanating from the surroundings will be reduced by the soundproofing materials, hence making your dog be in a peaceful state.

You should never only consider the sound of the dog but also some environmental noise pollution such as the noise from moving vehicles. These noises could make your dog have sleepless nights, too. So, soundproofing your dog crate will reduce the intensity of the noises.

When you soundproof your dog crate, you would observe that the dog enjoys more rest than before. When dogs hear any sound from the immediate environment, the only way they react is by barking. Sometimes, they think it’s a sign that something bad is about to happen. So, when the noise is reduced, the dog is at peace, and you’re also at peace.

How to soundproof a dog crate

There are a lot of soundproofing options available for your dog crate, depending on your budget. Today, we shall be exploring some of them and the reason why they’re the best option for you.

  1. Soundproofing the entire crate

The idea of soundproofing properly isn’t a good idea, unless you plan to allow the dog to breathe. The entire dog crate may be considered unnecessary if your dog is not a large breed. If your pet is a large breed such as the Great Dane or your dog barks a lot.  And wakes up in the entire neighborhood middle of the night. Then you should opt out of soundproofing the crate, and soundproof a bedroom for your dog.

However, you must know that the bigger the size of the crate, the more you’ll be spending on getting this done.

  1. Dog crate covers

Dog anxiety is one of the hardest things to handle as far as nature is concerned. So, it requires some pragmatic approach to find a lasting solution to dog noises.

One of the most effective and efficient ways to reduce dog noises is by using dog covers. Dog crate covers are made readily available in the market. So, you just have to pick an affordable one.

They are made of 100% durable polyester materials that provide comfort and utmost security for your pet. The exterior part of the cover blocks all forms of sound from the environment. The interior part is made of soft material that allows your pet to stay comfortably within its confinement. There’s also a foam bumper at the upper part of the cover (just below the metal shield) that protects the dog from injuring its head while disgruntling.

For people that want to choose this option, you don’t have to seek any professional to get it done for you. You can do it all by yourself. Crate covers are very effective in deadening echo and reducing the sound of dogs. Generally, dog crate covers are long-lasting, and fairly enexpensive esspeacially these that i saw on Amazon.

  1. Sound absorption sheets

The sound absorption sheets are very cost-effective. The sheets can help to block sound from the outside and also deaden the echo resulting from your pet’s sound. The materials are carefully fabricated to ensure that sound is maximally absorbed.

One thing that makes this an excellent option for anyone is that it doesn’t give you much stress while installing. Basically, all you have to do is to hang and suspend it from the top of the crate.

Sound absorption sheets are made with grommets that make the hanging and suspension much easier. The entire crate may be covered by the sheets thereby producing total darkness in the crate or kennel.

Noise level reduction can be ultimately achieved by using this effective option.

  1. Soundproofing the wall of the crate

Do you know you can cover only the wall of your crate and yet achieve the soundproofing goal? Yes, you can. Soundproofing walls does not limit to homes and offices. You can also adopt the technique for your pet.

If your neighbor complains of loud whining, crying, and barking sound of your dog, you can reduce the noise by soundproofing the wall of the crate.

Soundproofing the wall provides some comfort unlike soundproofing the entire crate, up, down, left, and the two sides. Although, it may cost you a few bucks more than some other options, but it’s worth it. It’s very effective than some other soundproofing materials.

However, if you think any of these could be stressful, you can buy a soundproofed crate instead. That is, a crate that has been soundproofed from the factory.

  1. Acoustic foam panels

There have been reports that some people are subscribing to the idea of using egg carton carpet to soundproof dog crates. It’s quite unfortunate that these techniques are mere waste of time and resources as they’re not anywhere near the effectiveness of acoustic foam panels.

If it is unnecessary to cover the whole volume of your crate, then acoustic foam panels could be the very best option. This technique is very effective and at the same time, affordable.

Acoustic foam panels are very great for small-sized dogs. They help reduce the level of noise that pierces the crate. Since one of the causes of the spike in a dog’s anxiety is external sound, acoustic panels could help reduce the inflow of sound into the crates. Also, the panels help to absorb the dog’s sound so that people living around are not disturbed by its howl.

Usually, the panels are sold in squares. You must take accurate measurements of the dimension of your crate before you go to the market. This is to ensure that you purchase enough panels that will cover the entire walls of the crate.

  1. Professional moving blankets

Undoubtedly, professional moving blankets remain one of the most effective soundproofing techniques. They will absorb every unwanted sound that ever touched its surface.

Moving blankets can be spread on the floor of the crate for the absorption of sound. Also, the blankets can be removed from time to time and cleaned. This makes them one of the best choices for anyone out there.

You may be thinking if they’re not different from the blankets you use in your room. But that’s not true. They’re very different. What makes them even different is their padded construction. The interior and the exterior layers of the blankets are made such that the dog doesn’t hurt while disgruntling.

Depending on the intensity of the sound produced by the dog, you may need to use two to three moving blankets.

  1. Sound baffles

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-install option, you need to check out sound baffles. They’re great and very affordable. The baffles help to reduce the reverberation in the crate. They’re very easy to install as it only requires suspending them vertically from the ceiling.

  1. Acoustic tiles

Acoustic tiles are durable and strong materials that can stand the test of environmental factors and sound. Hence, one of the best options to think of. They do not allow sound to pass through them at all.


There are several soundproofing options you can select from for the safety of yourself and that of your dog. Carefully check the materials and choose the best that suits your pocket and that will give your dog some relief after installation.

If there’s anything at all to add, then I’ll suggest that you limit or stop giving your pet some emotional farewells. When you’re going out or you’re about to put your dog in its crate, stop the hugs that you give to it. It does not mean you don’t cherish it. When you give them those emotional farewells and put them in their kennel or crate, they will crave for more. This is what makes them bark sometimes because they want to feel that warmth every time.

In addition, train your dog when it’s still a puppy on how to live in a crate. Sometimes, they react by barking and disturbing the peace of the entire community because they’re not used to staying in a crate.

If you have tried any of these soundproofing materials outlined above, kindly tell us your experience. If you know of any other soundproofing material, kindly tell us in the comment box below.