Soundproofing a shed – The Cheap way

Soundproofing a shed – The Cheap way

Hello, and welcome to a very informative and educative session. Today, you will learn about soundproofing a shed and the best ways to get it done. You’ll also learn the cheapest way to soundproof your shed without spending much.

As an instrumentalist, you will want to play or practice with your instruments and enjoy the evening in your shed. It is not a bad idea though. If you use a drilling machine in your shed, you’re likely to make enemies in the neighborhood than friends. The noise pollution will either not make your neighbors enjoy their time or disturb them from sleeping. These are some of the reasons why you need to soundproof your shed.

Soundproofing is very essential if you can’t do without making some noise in the neighborhood, either by the virtue of your work or hobby – you could be a saxophonist or a drummer.

Soundproofing isn’t a new technology. For decades we have used it to minimize noise pollution. Although, soundproofing isn’t a 100% mechanism but it’s very effective.

Soundproofing on a Shed budget

Before you embark on soundproofing your shed, you must take into consideration the financial requirements. You should not go bankrupt just because you’re trying to save your neighbors from the annoying sound that comes from your shed. Everything should work based on how “hefty” your pocket is. I’ll advise you to go for a quality option that you wouldn’t need to change from time to time. Something that stays there without the need to constantly change it.

However, before you cut down your budget, you must put several factors into consideration.

If you live in a house where children flock and roam, getting cardboard soundproof may be the worst option. You can imagine installing cardboard boxes everywhere and you return from work, only to meet everything in pieces. You’ll not want your efforts to go down the drain, do you?

The cheapest way to soundproof a shed

If you’re planning to hire professionals on soundproofing your shed, it may cost you some hundreds to thousands of bucks. Hence, a very cheap but working alternative is needed.

The cheapest way to soundproof your shed is by using Green Glue. Green Glue has been around for years and proven to be an effective way of correcting air pollution. This mechanism is done by applying the glue to the surface of a dry brick for effectiveness. Although, you can also apply it to your roofs and floors.

Green Glue basically helps to absorb sound waves. There are a handful of brands selling the glue in the market, and they’re all very easy to use. There’s a Green Glue sealant that is used to mend torn soundproofing surfaces. There’s also one called the Green Glue Joist Tape. It is made from a particular type of foam used in soundproofing the surface of the floor. This type of Green Glue prevents all sorts of unwanted noises from people, animals, or even house materials that fall and make noise. So, you’re sure to have the best experience with Green Glue.

One more thing, you don’t have to hire a professional to glue your wall surfaces. It’s what you can do by yourself even if you don’t have a college degree. You can use a Glue Gun to spread the content all over surfaces. It doesn’t have to be in a particular order. Just ensure that the entirety of the wall surface is covered.

After applying the glue on the wall surface, you just have to leave it for about two days to completely dry. One more reason why it’s the best choice for you on the market is that it does not possess any unpleasant smell.

Does soundproof curtain really work

If you’re looking for one of the cheapest methods of soundproofing your shed, then going for curtains would be the best. The method is very simple and inexpensive. By just hanging them on the window side, you’re able to reduce the sound wave traveling from your shed to your neighbors’ pinnae. But the question is, does it truly work?

The question is in two folds; does it reduce the decibel of sound produced in the room or does it deaden the sound and prevent it from traveling to either side of the room?

Curtains are a very effective option. Unfortunately, their function is limited. You can use them to prevent sound from traveling from one side of the room to the other. Unfortunately, this cheap application does not block the sound coming from the outside.

Despite this, soundproof curtains will still work effectively well to reduce the intensity of sound in your room. Click here if you’re looking for a good soundproof curtain (links to Amazon).

How Do Soundproof Curtains Work

When you go to the toilet with your mobile phone, playing a song, you observe echo is produced, isn’t it? Now, take that phone to your bedroom and play the same song on the same volume. What do you notice? There’s no echo! This is because your bedroom is filled with many home appliances, therefore, help to reduce the effect of reverberation. That’s exactly what a soundproof curtain does – the sound does not reduce in loudness whatsoever but the echo is reduced.

However, if you live in a community where an unwanted sound is prevalent, a soundproof curtain may not be the best. In such a case, get a soundproof window instead of curtains. Meanwhile, it’s not a bad option if you know getting a soundproof window will create some financial distress for you.

Admittedly, a soundproof curtain has some noticeable drawbacks. The first one is that they’re usually thick and heavy in nature. If your room, office, or shed needs light often, then going for a thick soundproof curtain is a very bad idea.

Conversely, there are some added advantages they add to your life. When you use a soundproof curtain in your shed, you can easily insulate both unwanted noise and heat.

Soundproofing a shed With Cardboard?

Over the years, people have been eager to know if using cardboards to soundproof a building actually works.

According to science, the sound does not travel in a vacuum but through a material medium – air. The more air you have in your shed, the more the noise pollution. When your shed is air-tight, you’ll definitely enjoy your night rest and even your day time without noise pollution. So, it’s your primary function to fill the room with anti-echo materials. However, you may have to reduce the amount of air in the room while doing this, and the consequence is not palatable. You may not be able to breathe well.

Cardboard is an effective and inexpensive alternative to soundproof your shed. It’s proven that cardboard can be used to reduce the rate of flow of sound from the wall of your shed to outside, and even between walls. Most preferably, using corrugated cardboards is strongly advised. By default, the primary function of corrugated cardboards is to reduce echo from unwanted noises and not to absorb the sound. Corrugated cardboards are bad sound absorbers.

Over the years, this method has been used by teachers to reduce echo in classrooms as it’s more affordable than wearing hearing aids or soundproof aids to bed.

There are about six types of corrugated cardboard. However, the most popular of them are just two; the E-flutes and C-flutes.

In terms of insulation of sound, the E-flute type is way effective than its counterpart, the C-flute.

To lay further emphasis on the effectiveness of cardboards, the pores on the panels of the cardboard helps to prevent sound penetration. For a panel of two layers, the effectiveness of sound insulation is about 40%.

Also, corrugated cardboards reflect some noise that bounces on them. Although, the reflection is not 100%. Some of the sound waves still manage to pass through the panels to the other side of the building.

In summary, using corrugated cardboards definitely help to soundproof your shed.


Now that you have come to the end of the article, I hope you enjoyed every bit of it. Also, I want to believe it was very informative and educational at the same time.

Soundproofing a shed is really something everyone should do, provided your home is usually noisy. Or just for the peace of the neighborhood, especially if you use your shed for work. To soundproof your shed, you must take some factors into consideration too. If you know you can’t afford an expensive solution, just stick to the ones that don’t cost much. You don’t have to go bankrupt, you know?

Soundproofing your house will further create a friendly bond between you and your neighbors. The truth is, no one likes to be disturbed. So, always respect the privacy of other people.

And finally, a thick soundproof curtain may not work well in your office. They’re usually thick and may not permit light to usher in. Get a light version or a less complicated soundproofing option instead.

Thank you for reading.

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