Soundproofing Your House: An In-depth List of Ideas

Soundproofing Your House: An In-depth List of Ideas

Soundproofing your house is going to make a difference in quality of life. The best way to ensure that you achieve the full amount of relaxation is to reduce traffic noise. The cars are constantly honking, the pressure cooker whistles, the children’s shrill arguments; there is no escape. A quiet environment is important for peace of mind, especially after a hard day’s work.

Why is Soundproofing Your House Is Improvement?

Soundproofing improves privacy

There are no voice leaks when you’re soundproofing your house. No one in your room can hear a conversation — it’s going on. As such, your neighbors can never be part of a private conversation. Let’s give you another scenario: you just got back from the office, and you’re tired, and you want some rest. But the music from the nearby house prevents you from taking any rest. It’s so upsetting. In short, soundproofing should ensure that you are not confronted with any related problems.

Health and Security

High decibel sound may affect our cardiovascular health and may also cause high blood pressure. Don’t you think soundproofing is a good idea, huh?

Loud Neighbors

You can’t control your neighbors, and that means, unfortunately, hours of loud music, television, and loud voices. Some walls of modern houses appear to be thin, and noise can pass through them quite easily. Making it intolerable to live next to noisy neighbors, and day to day traffic noises. However, soundproofing your house can help to reduce this unwanted noise. Soundproofing the walls greatly reflects or eliminates the noise generated from outside, making it much quieter.

Too much sound is going to undermine our listening skills You can become deaf when you’re exposed to too much sound. You can also control the sound with Noise Control Items.

Traffic Noise

Unless you live on a 5-mile perimeter field in a secluded house, you will experience some outdoor noise levels caused by day-to-day activities. This involves traffic and road noise, which is often a major concern for people living in homes near highways and busy roads. This can be a particular problem for people who work nights and try to sleep during the day, or people who work from home. Soundproofing minimizes traffic noise outside and makes the house quieter in general.

Quality sleep

Photo of annoyed young woman unable to fall asleep because of loud neighbors

Sleep is something that often gets interrupted by loud noises. There’s no doubt about it improving your sleep will greatly improve quality of your life.

Increased Home Price

If you’re looking to move and sell your home, it will add value and appeal to potential buyers by advertising it as fully soundproof.  This will ensure the potential buyers that even if the neighbors are loud, there’s a highway around the corner and three houses down there’s a dog breeder, their new home will be peace and quiet oasis.

What if your the Loud Neighbor

We don’t want to admit it, but sometimes may the problem in the neighborhood. Especially if you’re  a musician, like to party, or you may have a large family. For whatever reason, you may be the noisy neighbor, it is only neighborly to take steps to reduce the noise in your home. Soundproofing your house means that you can be as loud as you want without disrupting your neighbors. It also gives you peace of mind because you are able to carry out your daily tasks without worrying about being a loud neighbor, or the everyday barrage of loud noise form the outside.

Soundproofing Your House: Home Improvement Tips and Ideas

Windows and curtains

Exterior brickwall thermal insulation with scaffolding and interior view through window, 3d illustration

Adding soundproof windows and curtains to your home is a powerful way to reduce noise. Laminated glass, the “dead air” gap between the two walls, and the spring seals, which together may dampen any vibration in the added window, will eliminate as much as 95% of the outside noise in the room. They also minimize or remove dust , pollen and other physical pollutants and effectively separate the room from the cost of heating and cooling.

It is much cheaper to use soundproof curtains than a soundproof window, and not as efficient. Specially crafted, very thick woven and lined curtains muffle noises through the window, lower sound levels, and improve your home’s quietness, especially when sharp and high-pitched industrial sounds are disruptive noises.

In some rooms where silence is more critical, such as baby rooms and sleeping or study rooms, the efficiency of soundproof curtains can be greatly enhanced by adding customized 3″-4 “foam insulation inside window frames with no gaps or border leaks. You can choose to have this done professionally together with your new soundproof curtains. You can treat it as a do-it-yourself project on a manageable weekend, take up one space at a time over a few weekends, and save a lot of money.

Include Drywall & Isolation

Isolating the ceilings or walls of your home’s bedrooms , bathrooms, or guest rooms can shut down a lot of noise. Adding a layer of drywall will also reduce the amount of sound that reaches your home. Acoustic drywalls are better than regular drywall walls because they are more efficient.

Solid-core doors

Effectively, a solid-core door helps to reduce noise. Unlike regular doors, which can only reduce the noise from entering the rooms a little, solid-core doors can remove a large part, if not all. It is important to note that the thicker the screen, the greater the chances of an external noise being removed. A Solid core door (Links to Amazon) is one of the best ways to ensure a room is soundproof. Check some out here:


The flooring is another factor that can cause sound disturbances. Be sure that the flooring is firm enough, as the sound produced by the squeaky flooring can be annoying. Although talcum powder is a temporary solution, tightening the floor can really put an end to this problem.

Silent appliances

Appliances such as a washing machine and a dishwasher can be a nuisance. It’s hard to be audible with the noise of the generators. Choose low quality appliances. While this does not completely fix the issue, it will at least significantly reduce the amount of noise.

Take off the Shoes Policy

Let’s face it; the shoes make a lot of noise. The positive thing about it, however, is that it can be resolved quickly. Make it a point to remove your boots from outside the building. Not only does this reduce noise, but it also helps keep your house clean.

There are a number of reasons why you need to be soundproofing your home to protect you and those around you. If you think you could benefit from soundproofing, and you need to work with a reputable company. We are soundproofing industry specialists and provide unparalleled customer support.